DJ Moon

I wanna be a DJ – tsikitsikiwahh!

The radio station 89 DMZ got me these words when I was a kid. I used to hear different samplers such as “oh my, oh my God!”, “put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air” and that long siren echoing on every hip hop music that DMZ played… I almost remember The Mouth aka Francis M., Chinaman and yeah DJ Ouch! as some of the premier DJs I’ve known at that time. I don’t really know hip hop music and must say that DMZ got me that first time experience when I was a kid – Yo!

The radio at home was not really tuned in on the 89.1 frequency on a daily basis but I remember tatay tuned in to that station early Sundays. I don’t know if he likes hip hop too at that time or could just be that he would just like to start our Sundays upbeat. Sad to know 89 DMZ no longer airs and the frequency was replaced by Your Most Influential R&B station, Wave 89.1 , which is still all good – keeping the beat and vibes. But I was surprise to know that 89 DMZ still runs online, check them out, 89 DMZ!

The desire will always be here though which made me try this software Virtual DJ, thanks DJ Gizz!

I know that the actual feeling might not be there as you would like to feel the actual scratch but I know it is worth the try… Trying to learn the scratch!

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