coffee toast

I drink coffee almost 3 times a day. A cup when I wake up and another during the day. My morning coffee is a 3 in 1 mix – 1 tbsp. coffee, 2 1/2 tbsp. sugar and about 3 tbsp. of creamer, toast! As soon as the coffee pours to my tounge and taste buds starts to activate as it continuosly flow to my throat, I feel a sudden burst of energy and a subtle awakening, another day has just began. During the day when I feel crunching on my work or overwhelmed by the continuos task I receive, I look for that one hot cup filled with tasteful aroma of a well blended, ahhh coffee…

A cup that fulfills our day and makes everyone hope for a richer, fuller and cremier dream. It is just like this flick:


Isang Tasang Pangarap stars the ultimate internet action star Ramon Bautista. You must have seen him as he went mainstream for some few years now. And if in case not, nahh, for sure you have! Toast!

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