This is MonRaymundMonmonRaymundo, a young sleep talker and a day dreamer from Maynila, Pilipinas! I am an illiterate guy with a little subconscious genius. I am a marketing professional and will always be a student as I believe on continuous learning. SanMig light is my brand of beer complimenting with sisig and sinigang. I enjoy chocolates and ice cream if I share it with my wife. I have passion on my career and striving to become efficient and effective on everything. Family and friendship are both important to me. I keep family values in my heart and respects camaraderie and friendship. I can’t hate much and do appreciate alot. I love my country and all about us Filipinos – Pinoy!

saRisaRitots is my first blog site and I just hope that this will make any sense because I intend to write stories and things that norms “tot” to be nonsense or whatever?! There are so many ideas that comes on my head coming from the general and daily environment, experience and time and I thought that I will write it here in a way that I would like it to be known and be thought about with some sort of presentation. It’s all stories that I would like to write and we all have stories to tell. There are so many things, events and stories around us that we can always share with. Another thing is that if telling stories can be creative and somehow be interesting to everyone, I’ll try to do it here.

I believe that thoughts can be express in any way that we can, instilling with ideas, emotions and humor…

I am always happy to be alive! I believe on taking things one day at a time and that we can always change things in any case that we want for it to happen. I may have lapses with my grammar here which I try to avoid and at the same time laugh about it once corrected, so just read on and share your “tots” with me!

See yah after! Fucker!



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