coffee toast

I drink coffee almost 3 times a day. A cup when I wake up and another during the day. My morning coffee is a 3 in 1 mix – 1 tbsp. coffee, 2 1/2 tbsp. sugar and about 3 tbsp. of creamer, toast! As soon as the coffee pours to my tounge and taste buds starts to activate as it continuosly flow to my throat, I feel a sudden burst of energy and a subtle awakening, another day has just began. During the day when I feel crunching on my work or overwhelmed by the continuos task I receive, I look for that one hot cup filled with tasteful aroma of a well blended, ahhh coffee…

A cup that fulfills our day and makes everyone hope for a richer, fuller and cremier dream. It is just like this flick:


Isang Tasang Pangarap stars the ultimate internet action star Ramon Bautista. You must have seen him as he went mainstream for some few years now. And if in case not, nahh, for sure you have! Toast!

Luna and Avid

A.   This is what I did after seeing the moon passes behind the earth and blocks the sun’s ray, yeah lunar eclipse.

B.   This is what I did after reading and enjoyed Avid Liongoren’s tumbler and his ExtraOrdinaire.

C.   This is what I did after not getting much work to do and listened to General Luna all day.

D.   This is what I did because I miss my wife and was excited going back to school again.

This is what I did…???!!!…


Philippine Flag Protocol

The flag should be displayed in all government buildings, official residences, public plazas, and schools every day throughout the year. The days of the 28th of May (National Flag Day) and the 12th of June (Independence Day) are designated as flag days, during which all offices, agencies and instrumentalities of government, business establishments, institutions of learning and private homes are enjoined to display the flag. But in recent years, the flag days are now from May 28 to June 30 yearly.

Flag of the Philippines

I hope I’m not late here coz yeah, I would like to follow it here, to the blogosphere and to the world wide web. Our flag is MORE than freedom, it is our INDEPENDENCE. We Filipinos own it and we are proud. I am proud!

Ang Gabi Nuon sa Gunita

Muta sa mata… Muni-muni…

Maraming beses at pagkakataon na naitanong ko na sa aking sarili ang mga bagay at pangyayari na nasasaksihan ko sa aking paligid pagsapit ng dilim. Nagsisimula ang lahat pagsapit ng ala sais ng gabi, takipsilim. Sa pagdating ng oras na ito, maraming nagbabago at naninibago. Panibagong araw ang natapos, panibagong pangyayari ang naitala, panibagong buhay ang parehong nagwakas at nagsimula, panibagong paggawa ang nakumpleto at sisimulan at panibagong anyo ng mga bagay ang makikita at mararanasan. Lahat ng iyon ay sa pagsapit ng gabi…

Muni-muni ulit… Hikab sabay kuyos sa mata… Muta…

Ang daming nangyari sa pagtatapos ng nagdaang araw… Malugod ang lahat, saya sa mga mata’y nakatatak. Munimuni na naman muli? Nawari ko, bakit nung bata ako…

bakit nung bata ako pagpatak ng ala sais ng gabi kailangan nasa bahay na?
bakit nung bata ako kailangan bago pumasok ng bahay dapat nakapaghugas na ng paa sa batalan?
bakit nung bata ako kung hindi TV Patrol, ay PBA ang palabas sa TV?
bakit nung bata ako ang tahimik na sa labas ng bahay pagsapit ng alas otso?
bakit nung bata ako kailangan sabay sabay kami kumakain ng hapunan?
bakit nung bata ako hindi ko kailangan maghugas ng pinggan?
bakit nung bata ako pagkatapos maghapunan nagaaral na kami at gumagawa ng assignment?
bakit nung bata ako hindi pwedeng matulog ng hindi natatapos ang assignment?
bakit nung bata ako ang sarap gumawa ng assignment kapag tinuturuan ako ni nanay?
bakit nung bata ako dapat kami matulog pagsapit ng alas diyes ng gabi?
bakit nung bata ako kailangan namin magrosaryo bago matulog?
bakit nung bata ako hindi na kami pwede manuod ng wrestling o ng tv bago matulog?
bakit nung bata ako hindi ako makatulog ng walang tandayan?
bakit nung bata ako umiinom ako ng gatas bago matulog?
bakit nung bata ako okei lang matulog kahit hindi ako nakapagsipilyo?
bakit nung bata ako naggoodnight ako – goodnight tatay, goodnight nanay, goodnight nene, goodnight chad, goodnight guardian angel, goodnight mama Mary at goodnight Jesus?
bakit nung bata ako ang bilis ko lang makatulog?
bakit nung bata ako malamig kapag gabi?
bakit nung bata ako ang sarap managinip?
bakit nung bata ako okei lang maihi sa higaan?
bakit nung bata ako ang sarap matulog sa gabi?
bakit nung bata ako dapat otso oras o higit pa ang tulog ko?
bakit nung bata ako iba ang panahon pagsapit ng dilim?
bakit nung bata ako tahimik at simple lang lahat pagdating ng gabi?

at higit sa lahat…
bakit nung bata ako, hindi ko naisip na pwede pala ako mgtrabaho ng gabi?

Unat ng malakas… Hikab…

Tama, gabi na naman, oras na ng aking paggawa. Sinisimulan ko na naman ang bagong yugto ng aking buhay. Panahon ng takipsilim sa lahat, bukang liwayway naman sa aki’y nangungusap. Sa mahabahabang panahon iba na rin ang naging pagtingin ko sa pagsapit ng oras na ito. Gabi na, gabi na… Magsisimula na…

Hayyy, muta…

DJ Moon

I wanna be a DJ – tsikitsikiwahh!

The radio station 89 DMZ got me these words when I was a kid. I used to hear different samplers such as “oh my, oh my God!”, “put your hands up in the air, put your hands up in the air” and that long siren echoing on every hip hop music that DMZ played… I almost remember The Mouth aka Francis M., Chinaman and yeah DJ Ouch! as some of the premier DJs I’ve known at that time. I don’t really know hip hop music and must say that DMZ got me that first time experience when I was a kid – Yo!

The radio at home was not really tuned in on the 89.1 frequency on a daily basis but I remember tatay tuned in to that station early Sundays. I don’t know if he likes hip hop too at that time or could just be that he would just like to start our Sundays upbeat. Sad to know 89 DMZ no longer airs and the frequency was replaced by Your Most Influential R&B station, Wave 89.1 , which is still all good – keeping the beat and vibes. But I was surprise to know that 89 DMZ still runs online, check them out, 89 DMZ!

The desire will always be here though which made me try this software Virtual DJ, thanks DJ Gizz!

I know that the actual feeling might not be there as you would like to feel the actual scratch but I know it is worth the try… Trying to learn the scratch!