50 blessings from God


I got the idea from a friend whom I got the chance to talk to from time to time with each of our live’s spirituality, emotions and experiences. It has been displayed from a book, not really the exact title though, written by Bo Sanchez, for whom I would like to meet someday. I just had the tots of it, what would they be?

I tot that counting 50 blessing is so easy, that I can simply count on material things and all, but having to consider with all this 24 years of my life, it would be different or should I say be real, real blessings… Here are what I have tot in random…

  1. my 24 years of existence to God and to everyone… still counting…
  2. the faith that He gave to me for Him
  3. His presence both of my joys and on my sadness
  4. everyday that I open my eyes, God is there, even when I close it
  5. His actions on all of my tots
  6. a loving yet simple mother, an inspiring father, an antagonist-protagonist sister, a subordinating brother – that is my family
  7. the word “magtiis”
  8. a meal with my family
  9. learning to read and write through my parents
  10. realize on how my parents should discipline me when I was young, kulit at likot kasi eh…
  11. being a kuya
  12. good education
  13. my aspiration and hopes for a good life in the future
  14. the good things… and the bad things… that I have done
  15. the meaning and the word of love for myself and for everyone… still learning the meaning of it every now and then
  16. ideas of relationship
  17. habit of finding good friends
  18. both appreciation and dislikeness of the people around me, giving me the tots of my actions
  19. the laughter that I brought and that I take
  20. aches and pains
  21. ideas of savings and planning
  22. lessons after every relationship that I had
  23. the wonders of travelling and have the choice for it
  24. having options on every decisions that I will make
  25. giving thanks and sorrys
  26. ?
  27. ?

Well, I just tot of 25 then… It’s not easy to think of 50, but ofcourse, I can always add new on this list… I am still counting and thinking hard, for these blessings are my thanks to Him…