You just might have recognized this sample lyrics from the EraserhEads:


“Yo father forgive me for I have sinned.
I’d rather talk to God but he’s out and your in
It’s little complicated but father don’t sweat it
You can hear me out or you can just forget it
Now I haven’t been to church in about ten years
And one time I had to pull my little sister’s ears
But I’m not really violent and it shows
I go for flower power as that stupid song goes
Sometimes I tell a lie, but only when it’s true
And I often say things like shit and fuck you
And I like to read a lot of dirty comic books
And I’ve given dirty teachers a lot of dirty looks
But this is the last thing that I’m ever gonna say
Its embarrassing for me to talk to you this way
Before I forget and before I carry on, I stole a table
Napkin from a fancy restaurant
Now please father tell me what I gotta do
I am full of guilt and now its up to you.”