Light Up Ahead: Moving on


These days I found myself with the words being said by most of the people around me. I consider it as a self affliction and decision towards a particular plan and goal of the person saying it. It’s been said, “Moving on”, two words that entails promises and hopes. Just one fresh start will do.


I also sometimes feel lost and having gone of a direction that I need to be on a particular situation. It provokes sadness and made you think, a lot. What would be the best implication upon this feeling or emotion that I feel? A decision should come along with it. I should decide that is not to have any other option on that particular decision, being particular to your idea and take action with it. It is fair if I will consider the plan that I made with it and the people that I care for that decision, but it would be better or righteous to say that I will have the decision because I consider everything but myself for it, that I made the decision because I need it and I should do it for myself after all.


It’s given that there are people to consider with our decision upon moving on, but then these people should understand it as well. They got the same situation with you having the decision. It could be that same emotion that they will feel upon it but it has been given that they should be moving on as well. Just one fresh start will do.


Hope this finds you well bro…