Subscriber Cannot Be Reach


I dialed the number and can’t reach you. Tried it again and still can’t reach you. I tried sending you a text message and my phone says, message sent but the thing is did you really get my message? So then, to make it sure, I texted you again, hoping you have read now my message and you will be there to answer my call when I try to call you up again.


I am also wondering, who is this same lady who’s always been there on your line whenever I try calling and I can’t reach you. In a way, she’s interrupting me. She’s there to say:


The number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area, please try your call later.  (Damn, where you at?)


– Sorry, you don’t have enough prepaid credit to make this call, please reload… blah-blah-blah (yeah, I run out of load)


Your current balance is below 20 pesos; please reload a new call/ text card immediately to avail of the service… (She even knows how much credit I have left?! 20 Pesos, shame on me…)


– The number you have dialed is incorrect! (Wow, how will I miss you on this?)


I know that these are just part of the services that my phone company is applying on their subscribers. I understand that I should be in a way, be weary on my calls and on my credit as well. Anyway, I’m just wondering, who really that lady is answering over the line? Do you happen to know her? =)