shirt addict

I have been wearing shirts that I thought it would only be me wearing it. I prefer to have shirts with expressions and uniqueness. I don’t care where I bought it or how it will be perceived by people around me but as long as I thought the shirt is comfortable and clean, then I’ll wear it. I’ve been a fan of shirt companies here in Pinas that emerge towards the clothing industry. They have been a good business and has identify people’s needs in fashion and porma. So far, there has been a wide variety of designs and expressions applied on shirts. It can be an icon, spoofs, words, patriotism, events, culture and whatever you have thought that can’t be possible before to put on a shirt will now surely be possible. The colors and designs has been great and you can always have that great choice and pick the best that you can wear. As what one of the the clothing company say: An individual has the power to take charge and fulfill his own destiny. Trials and tribulations are all in the mind. Overthrow and overcome, with a tried and tested vision every movement can contribute to trigger significant changes. Individually, we may not be offering much help; but as a group, we are catalyst of self-revolution. A single spark can burst into flame, one scream can inspire a million voices. Take in what’s relevant, steer away from the obsolete, arise from the ashes of the past failure and live the life the way you please. From weakness comes strenght, from dreams to reality. Push the envelope further. Strenghten yourself and be at your best element. Reinvent the public!REPUBLIC.